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NEUMANN u87 bundle

Neumann U87 AI Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Neumann U87 Ai, Studio Microphone@+The U 87 is probably the best known and most widely used Neumann studio microphone. @+@+@+The U 87 is equipped with a large

€ 2.269,00

THE TBONE 100 system ovid

the t. bone Ovid System Piano Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, the t. bone Ovid System CC 100, Condenser Clip Microphone for the Ovid System, Cardioid, 20 20,000 Hz, Flexible gooseneck for simple appliance to

€ 76,00

OKTAVA 2500 mkl bundle

Oktava MKL 2500, Tube Studio Microphone By now this microphone is more than just an insider tip, as they were able to secure their place in live performances and in recording. With their unrivaled price-performance ratio

€ 485,00

RDE rode nt2-a studio solution set

Rode NT2-A Studio Solution Set, Largediaphragm Microphone Studio Solution Set*Set consists of: *@+@+, Rode NT2 A, De Luxe shock mount SM6 with fabric pop filter, 6 m XLR cable, Dust cover bag@+@+*Tech. Specs of the

€ 269,00

DPA 4017b

DPA 4017B Rycote WS 3 Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, DPA 4017B, Condenser Directional Microphone, Supercardioid, 70 Hz 20 kHz (-2 dB), Peak SPL: 132 dB, 48 V Phantom power required, Switchable high boost with +4 dB

€ 1.990,00

SCHOEPS mk2 hg

Schoeps MK2 Hg, Microphone Capsule@+Its appearance distinguishes this type of microphone from the other SCHOEPS pressure transducers. The typical grille is missing, and the sound inlet has been narrowed by a gold-plated

€ 799,00

AKG c214

AKG C214 Stereo Set, Professional large diaphragm microphone, 1"" Large diaphragm microphone, Frequency range: 20 20000 Hz, Sensitivity: 20 mV / Pa, Preattenuation pad: 20 dB, Required phantom power: 12 52V, Connection:

€ 299,00

SHURE sm137-lc

Shure SM137-LC, Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, With a thin, gold-sputtered diaphragm for instrument recording, Directional characteristic: Cardioid, Switchable -15 dB roll-off, Specifically suited for miking

€ 202,00


Audio-Technica AT2020 Popkiller Set@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Audio-Technica AT2020, Condenser Microphone, 16 mm diaphragm, Cardioid characteristic, Frequency range: 20 20000 Hz, Signal-to-noise ratio: 74 dB, 1 kHz at

€ 99,00


Sontronics Mercury, Large diaphragm tube microphone, Made in collaboration with well known producers / technicians (including Paul Epworth, Abbey Road Studios), Infinitely adjustable directional pattern between ball,

€ 1.555,00


microfono stereo per g2 gf1 e gh1

€ 364,99